HC-016 Cute love vase
HC-016 Cute love vase
HC-016 Cute love vase

HC-016 Cute love vase

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Six Gerbera Daisies in the clear vase. Colour options: pink, yellow, fuchsia, orange, etc.

The flowers we provide may be different from the sample image due to availability. In that case, we will use the most similar and freshest flowers we have in stock.

Gerbera daisies have long been loved, not just for their appeal but also for their long vase life and fragrance. Did you know that Gerbera is the official Birth flower for the month of April? Although different gerbera colors convey varying meanings, a combination of two or more of these colors generally symbolizes cheerfulness and happiness!

Red - romantic love and passion
Orange - joy, warmth, and happiness
Yellow - friendship and happiness
Pink - affection, respect, and admiration
Purple - royalty and elegance
White - loyalty, purity and innocence