Round Floral table centerpieces that has baby pink rose, white rose, champagne rose and spray rose. Flower arrangement that has eucalyptus and some green that give relax, peaceful. This item is the best for special occations, wedding, parties, birthday, and events.
HC-164 Floral Table Centerpieces

HC-164 Floral Table Centerpieces

Regular price $150.00

Eve-catching floral arrangements to make your table beautiful for parties, dinner, any special events and holidays Light pink or Peach rose convey a meaning of modesty, genuineness, sincerity, and gratitude. This picture is Good. Depends on your preferences, you can choose Better and Best.

Approx 50cm X 50cm

The flowers we provide may be different from the sample image due to availability. In that case, we will use the most similar and freshest flowers we have in stock.