HC-025 Isn't it Romantic

HC-025 Isn't it Romantic

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Romantic flowers (rose, lily, etc) in a vase.

Approx 30cm x 45cm

The flowers we provide may be different from the sample image due to availability. In that case, we will use the most similar and freshest flowers we have in stock.

Historically, Lilies hold a reputation for being majestic flowers in ancient Greek mythology, where it is believed that Zeus’ wife Hera is the creator of lily flowers.  Lilies can represent a variety of meanings depending on their colour and occasion; generally, lilies represent purity, passion, rebirth and royalty.

Red roses symbolize passion, true love, romance, and desire. It is a classic “I Love You” statement, making it a popular choice for Valentine’s Day. Long associated with beauty and perfection, ultimately, if you want to tell someone you love them, a red rose is the way to go!